Society’s standards for what is attractive, especially in regards to weight, are constantly changing. Consider the Rubenesque models that were once the standard for beauty, or the waifish supermodels that grace the covers of glossy magazines today. Increasing awareness of the dangers of being extremely thin may once again redefine what is considered attractive and desirable. It’s impossible to fit everyone’s standards, whether you are exactly within your target weight, extremely slender, or slightly overweight this makes it important to lose weight because it’s what you want or because it’s what’s healthy for you, not because it’s what somebody else expects from. Dr. Wyner’s weight control program gives you the tools and techniques for successful weight control, but to truly succeed you must be doing it for the right reasons.

If you’re looking for a successful weight control program, you probably tried three or four, or even more, diets without success. Sure, you may have experienced some weight loss in the beginning, but probably quickly regained it as soon as you stop following the methods. The problem is, the methods used by these fad diets are usually impossible to follow for very long. Additionally, prolonged use of these diets can lead to significant health issues, or end up leaving you feeling so deprived they you end up breaking that diet can a compulsive binge that undoes any results you might have obtained. Understandably, these “failures” can leave you feeling discouraged and more certain than ever that you will always be overweight.

Dr. Wyner’s weight control program is different. Unlike fad diets that force you to take pills, expect you to follow strenuous workout regimes, or require you to follow a meal plan or track calories, this weight control program focuses on the most powerful tool at your disposal: your mind. Using an extraordinary behavior retraining method that has received acclaim from neuroscientists around the world, this program puts you in control. By following Dr. Wyner’s program, you will no longer be a passive participant, but an active influence on your body and your weight.

This weight control program is so effective, and so renowned, that it has been featured in major magazines such as Allure Magazine, Men’s Fitness, Southern California Magazine, Beauty Handbook, Woman’s Day, as well as various newspapers, business magazines, and radio and TV stations. Dr. Wyner has also written numerous other books, including: “Neurosomatic Addiction Reversal”, “The Diet of the Mind”, “Permanent Weight LossĀ©”, “The Beverly Hills Stress Reduction Program”, “Overcoming Persistent Chronic Recidivism”, and “The Scientific Basis of Permanent Weight LossĀ©”. Additionally, Dr. Wyner has served as the editor of the National Medical Registries, and contributing editor to “Guided Imagery, Vol. 1”.

Moreover, Dr. Wyner has battled weight issues himself, having been told by his doctor that he needed to lose 100 pounds he wanted to live. Dr. Wyner understands the struggles and battles faced by people trying to lose weight, which is why he has decided to share his successful weight control program with others like him.

Find out more at You can also read testimonials by many others who have used Dr. Wyner’s weight control program to great success. If you are looking for a weight control program that works not only today but in the long term, try Dr. Wyner’s revolutionary program and find out the true secrets to success.

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