Are you one of the many that needs to lose weight because you are either overweight or suffering from obesity which is impacting your health? You have probably already tried out at least one diet in your life and it has never resulted in lifetime fitness; instead you probably regained your old eating habits and put all the weight lost back on. Don’t worry! Dr. Wyner has a solution for you; a secret that he is willing to share on how to lose weight and keep it off permanently so that you can enjoy lifetime fitness. In his book and audios which are affordably available online at, Dr. Wyner explains his revolutionary weight loss program using the N-FACTOR® Permanent Weight Loss Non-Diet Method. This method is a powerful behavioral retraining technique whose unique power has been confirmed by neuroscientists around the world.

Dr. Wyner himself has lost over 100 pounds with the N-FACTOR® Permanent Weight Loss Non-Diet Method and has managed to keep it off for over 20 years. He also managed to quit smoking and consuming alcohol which has helped him be where he is today. He chose lifetime fitness, what about you? The N-FACTOR® Permanent Weight Loss Non-Diet Method uses a proven 21st century technique to enable you to create a new behavior which changes both your body and mind. You are finally put into control of your own mind, body and attitude giving you the power makeover you need to achieve weight loss behavior naturally. Because you are in control of your decisions, it feels good to have the authority to choose your goals and your foods giving you the chance to sustain high and peak levels of determination indefinitely.

With the N-FACTOR® Permanent Weight Loss Non-Diet Method you don’t have to worry about dieting, calorie counting, pills, surgery, medicines, sweaty gym workouts and meal plans because you are no longer fearful of your eating decisions. Executives, housewives, entertainers and sports figures in New York, Beverly Hills and Europe have already paid thousands of dollars for this dynamic weight loss program and now you can receive the same powerful knowledge by purchasing your book and audios online at for a minimal fee. The N-FACTOR® Permanent Weight Loss Non-Diet Method teaches you to make your own decisions and truly love yourself in such a short time that lifetime fitness is waiting for you at the click of a button. Visit the website to read inspiring testimonials from renowned clients and magazines that have all seen the power of Dr. Wyner’s behavioral retraining technique.

You experience biochemical, physical and emotional changes that change your life forever. With the N-FACTOR® Permanent Weight Loss Non-Diet Method, you can reawaken and increase your metabolism, revitalize your sensuality and sexuality, accelerate your fat loss and achieve lifetime fitness, rejuvenate your general health and quality longevity among other benefits. Purchase your copy of the N-FACTOR® Permanent Weight Loss Non-Diet Method and never diet or count calories again! You can easily and quickly ensure lifetime fitness if you give yourself the power to be in control of your mind, body and attitude.

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