Is Earl Grey Tea Keto Friendly? No Bun Please

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According to different studies, Earl Grey Tea can improve heart health, digestion, and immunity. Therefore, people on Keto want to know if they can add it to their diet. It is an excellent idea to consume a variety of keto-friendly foods. Nonetheless, keto dieters must familiarize themselves with the product’s nutritional information before consuming it. Is Earl Grey Tea keto friendly? Let us learn from its nutritional facts.

What is Earl Grey Tea?

Earl Grey Tea is a well-known flavored tea. The traditional Earl Grey tea has black tea as a base. Additionally, it contains oil from the outer skin of bergamot orange for flavor.

The black tea used in Earl Grey tea is generally the Chinese Keemun tea. Nevertheless, some tea-making companies have started using tea like Ceylon. Therefore, you can add milk or cream to them.

Earl Grey Tea was named after former British PM, Earl Charles Grey. A Mandarin tea master had prepared the first Earl Grey tea for the prime minister as a gift.

Nutritional Information for Earl Grey Tea

178g of Earl Grey Tea gives you 1.8 calories, 37mg potassium, and 35.6mg caffeine. The amount of net carb is 0.5g. You do not get any amount of fat from Earl Grey Tea.

Can You Take Earl Grey Tea on Keto?

Yes, Earl Grey Tea is 100% keto-friendly. Per serving, you will get only 0.5g of net carbs. Therefore, you can add it to your keto diet and relish various health benefits. Nevertheless, since it does not contain fat, get required fat from other keto-friendly food items.

Where to Get our Favorite Keto-Friendly Earl Grey Tea?

Several tea companies provide highly-quality and authentic Earl Grey Tea. We have listed the three best options available on Amazon for your convenience.

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