How to reduce belly fat naturally at home?

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Home remedies cannot get you results in a blink but can be healthy and long term. Some don’t follow the pattern strictly and miss their routine which brings them back to day 1. Before starting any natural remedy at home follow it every day and do not hurry for an instant results. Do not forget to use the measuring tape or a fat caliper tool every day and contrast your recordings after a month.


Well, if not, then it’s time to switch to barley water rather than the normal drinking water. This is because it is proved that barley reduces the bad cholesterol in your body. In addition to this it also helps in upgrading your overall health. It is an excellent source to promote digestion. Barley water effectively lowers cholesterol and helps in overall weight loss.


Zeera water/ Cumin Concoction is another remedy to reduce your belly. Soak cumin seeds either overnight or for few hours. Strain the water which you used. Add soaked seeds in purified drinking water, boil and begin your day with this healthy water an hour prior to breakfast.


Salad is also another good choice to reduce your belly. The best salad for losing belly fat is the choice of food you add in it rather than eating greasy food. Salad containing carrots, cucumbers, avocados, green vegetables like lettuce, and spinach etc, in the long run, is good for minimizing your belly. You can also add FISH in your salad twice or thrice a month. Fish is good for health as it contains OMEGA-3 FATTY ACID which in turn reduces the body fat and is also helpful in losing inches around your waist.

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