Healthy Weight Loss Program

Obesity is the most significant disease in the USA with about 31% of people being obese. The definition of obese is being 30 pounds or more above a healthy weight. Being overweight can be extremely harmful to one’s body, increasing the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, cancer and hundreds of other related health problems. Quality of life is significantly decreased due to a reduction in mobility, self esteem, confidence and sexual drive. A healthy weight loss program is needed to shed those extra pounds.

According to research, Americans are gaining one to two pounds a year and at this rate, 39% of people living in the USA will be obese by the end of 2008. Furthermore, being obese can reduce a person’s life by 7 years and being overweight can reduce life span by 3 years. More research and investment needs to be made into healthy weight loss programs. Fad diets can be potentially dangerous as they are not effective in the medium run to reduce weight and encourage nutritional imbalances.

Many diets are effective in reducing weight in the short term but as soon as the patient returns to their normal lifestyle, he or she gains all the weight back again. The patient then tries a different diet and again it works only temporarily before the weight reappears. This fluctuation in weight is not only unhealthy for the body but it significantly reduces the patient’s self esteem, confidence and causes tremendous frustration. A healthy weight loss program should have long lasting results and actually increase the overall health of a patient.

For a healthy weight loss program, try Dr Wyner’s “N-FACTOR” Diet of the Mind Permanent Weight Loss Program. This program acknowledges that dieting and diet addiction is not effective in maintaining a healthy weight. Dr Wyner is so confident in his program that he offers a full 365 day money back guarantee. This is unheard of in the world of weight loss programs!

Dr Wyner’s program involves no pills, diets or calorie counting. He explains that diets do not work and many of his overweight or obese patients had dieted 3 or more times before coming to him for help. He explains that in his program, one should forget past failures and skepticism and experience what this healthy weight loss program has to offer.

The overall ‘N-FACTOR’ program will immediately impact a patient’s bio-chemistry so that blood sugar and cholesterol are under control before significant weight loss is experienced. This healthy weight loss program guarantees that you will no longer have to count calories, skip meals or diet again. It also limits exercise to walking and reawakens one’s metabolism. Binge eating and emotional eating are also stopped and sensuality and sexuality is improved.

This healthy weight loss program is a life changing experience which aims to alter one’s mind about eating and dieting. The ‘N-FACTOR’ method can improve family life, social life and one’s career. It will be effective in reducing weight which will in turn increase life expectancy, sexual performance, career and social enrichment and self esteem.

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