Healthy Diet Program

Many of us struggle against our weight for a variety of reasons. We might need to shed a few pounds so that our clothes fit better, or need to lose a more significant amount for health reasons. Whatever the reasons for the weight gain, and regardless of the reasons for needing to lose that weight, one thing is certain: weight loss is not always easy. There are countless fad diets, exercise machine crazes, and so-called experts touting miraculous new methods, but more often than not these just lead to disappointment, yo-yo dieting, and often, unhealthy practices. Research is showing that the best way to lose weight is to adhere to a healthy diet program and to follow a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Wyner understands the struggles and obstacles that everyday people face in trying to lose weight. Told by his doctor that he needed to lose 100 pounds, he began his own battle against excessive weight. To make things more difficult, he also had to stop drinking and smoking. Each of these goals is difficult enough on their own, including one often leads to an increase in another, but Dr. Wyner was committed to finding the secret to success. He began developing his own healthy diet program, not only for himself, but for all others like him.

Dr. Wyner’s healthy diet program provides easy, step-by-step details toward success in weight loss. Unlike most other fad diets, this program does not involve any calorie counting, pills or medicines, strenuous gym workouts, meal plans, or even dieting. This unique but effective approach has made Dr. Wyner’s program popular with celebrities, sports figures, housewives, and countless others who wanted to lose weight without dieting.

His program has been so successful that it has been covered in popular magazines such as Allure Magazine, Men’s Fitness, Valley, Southern California Magazine, as well as numerous business magazines, TV shows and radio programs. And Dr. Wyner has consulted for major US and international corporations as well as renowned institution such as Manhattan Weight Loss Counselors, Beverly Hills Center for Weight Loss, the Ferreri Cranial Institute and the National Blood Bank.

One of the key tenets of Dr. Wyner’s healthy diet program is this: if you’re not ready to change, then you’re not ready to lose weight permanently. This may seem like common sense, but it’s a basic fact that many of us overlook. It’s easy to want to lose weight, but it’s not always easy to want to take the steps that lead to permanent weight loss. Whether we believe we don’t have the time, or are afraid of failure, achieving healthy and successful weight loss is a major commitment. One of the keys to Dr. Wyner’s healthy diet program is his behavior retraining technique, a method that has been confirmed by neuroscientists across the globe. This method puts you in control of your body, allowing you to create new weight loss behavior naturally, giving you active control of your body and your weight loss.

To find out more about Dr. Wyner’s innovative healthy diet program, visit www.weight- loss You’ll find information about the program, as well as a wealth of testimonials from satisfied customers who have successfully achieved permanent weight loss and a new lease on life.

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