In a world where obesity and being overweight is a growing concern, dieting and weight loss have an impact on both health and fitness. Many overweight people go on radical diets that promise they will lose weight but within months they are back to their old eating habits and gain the lost weight again, sometimes gaining even more weight. Dr. Wyner believes that diets will not help you lose weight and maintain health and fitness, instead he believes that a change in the mind set will help you achieve the weight loss you desire and keep it off. By using behavioral changes, Dr. Wyner himself has managed to lose over 100 pounds and keep it off for over 20 years now and has been able to quit smoking and alcohol all in the pursuit of health and fitness. Today, he would like to tell you the secret to losing weight and permanently keeping it off in his book and audios using his revolutionary N-FACTOR® Permanent Weight Loss Non-Diet Method.

The book and audios explaining the N-FACTOR® Permanent Weight Loss Non-Diet Method is guaranteed for a year; a guarantee no one else can give except Dr. Wyner because he is so confident that you will be 100% satisfied with the program. Forget about dieting, calorie counting, pills, medicine, surgery, sweaty gym workouts and meal plans; with the N-FACTOR® Permanent Weight Loss Non-Diet Method you will learn how to change your mind into thinking about health and fitness and what is right for your body. Entertainers, housewives, executives and sports figures in New York, Beverly Hills and Europe have already paid thousands of dollars for the program but now you can get Dr. Wyner’s books and audios on the N-FACTOR® Permanent Weight Loss Non-Diet Method at an affordable price online at Visit the website to read amazing testimonials from these clients and famous magazines such as Allure Magazine, Men’s Fitness, Southern California Magazine, Womans Day and many more. You will be inspired to try the N-FACTOR® Permanent Weight Loss Non-Diet Method and once you realize the incredible results you have achieved with regard to health and fitness, you will never go on another diet again!

Don’t let past failures make you think you cannot achieve weight loss and health and fitness, the N-FACTOR® Permanent Weight Loss Non-Diet Method will teach you how to truly love yourself, to make your own decisions and believe in today’s 21st century science. Visit to learn just how short a time it takes for you to achieve long-lasting results; you will experience a true life changing process! The N-FACTOR® Permanent Weight Loss Non-Diet Method is a powerful behavior retraining technique that changes both your mind and body, putting you in control of how to go about a complete makeover of the mind, body and attitude to achieve weight loss naturally. By retraining your eating habits and losing weight naturally, your overall health and fitness is improved, you revitalize your sensuality and sexuality, you reawaken and increase your metabolism and you never diet or count calories again. Read more about these and other truths at and purchase your book and audios today! There is no better time to start taking control of your life than now!


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