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In this bi-monthly series, I will be taking a look at each of the different types of Keto Coaching we here at Ketovangelist offer, so that you, dear reader, might get a better idea of what coaching is, and the type might be right for you.

I was at a point of desperation in my weight loss journey. My health was starting to show signs of decline (pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty liver, etc.), and although I kept trying to diet on my own, I kept failing! I had reached a crossroads and it was either bariatric surgery or one final go at keto. One week before my surgery, I cancelled the procedure and signed up with my Ketovangelist coach. Before keto, I struggled a lot with bingeing and compulsive eating, and knew I needed help. My coach provides me with the nutritional and the emotional support that’s required when overcoming disordered eating and the ups-and-downs that go along with weight loss in general (getting frustrated with the scale, sticking with it through plateaus, self sabotaging when you haven’t been perfect, etc.). I stick with it because I want to reach my goals and need the extra accountability and guidance that my awesome coach provides!
One-on-One Coaching Client

In my previous entry into this series, I explored what our coaches and clients had to say about Group Coaching, and who might benefit most from the group dynamic. Today, I’d like to turn to what is probably our most intensive coaching option: One-on-One.

The thing I personally love the most about our coaching program is how focused we are on the individual, and on building up our coach-client relationships. That’s not to diss any other group’s program at all. Everything has its purpose and place, but this particular aspect is what I think makes our services so valuable and unique. In the context of One-on-One coaching, that client focus is an extra layer deep. As Coaches Amy and Kynda say, there’s an extra level of commitment and relationship that you don’t necessarily get with the other coaching options.

One-on-One Coaching is similar to most of our services, in that you have an ongoing relationship with your coach via unlimited email contact, receive personalized macros, guidance and suggestions, and have access to our fabulously friendly and supportive private client group. The difference is in the meetings. A One-on-One client meets once weekly with his or her coach, via Zoom or another face-to-face internet chat service, completely alone.

I love the personal interaction with One-on-One. There is the aspect of face-to-face eye contact that you just don’t get in the other options. It is the client’s own personal hour, all about them. The rest of the week they give themselves to work and family, etc. This hour is just for them.
Coach Linda

It’s all about me! One-on-one gives you the most info in the least amount of time, about you specifically. For me, that means max results in less time.
One-on-One Coaching Client

When asked, one of the things One-on-One clients seemed to appreciate most was how personal their coaching is. Having that time to really dig in and focus on their own needs makes all the difference in the journey for our One-on-One clients.

For those who really value their privacy, or are afraid of getting too personal in a group setting, One-on-One can be the lifeline they need. One client said, “I knew I would not open up in a group setting or in writing.” Coaches Kimmi, Mary, and Katrina all sounded similar notes, and believe the privacy aspect is one of the main benefits of this coaching plan. Being able to be open and honest with your coach, without worrying about anyone else judging you, can be a major key to having a successful coaching relationship for those who are shy, embarrassed, or introverted, or who have issues that simply need more support and a personal touch.

Navigating all the new ground a Ketogenic lifestyle change can entail can be tricky, and so some clients choose this option as part of a well-rounded approach to their health.

For me, it was about adding to my team, with each member playing a critical role. My PCP is very supportive and can do all the medical stuff to ensure I’m healing the right way, my nutritionist is also super supportive of me on Keto and adds the scientific component to eating a Keto lifestyle. I have my coach to guide me through all of it since she’s “been there, done that!” I love having my coach available to me whenever I have a question (even when she’s on vacation!), and having the one-on-one weekly consult is a good touch point to get to the nitty gritty on something I might be struggling with. My coach is also, gently, encouraging me to up my game with 30 day “No” list, and helping me tounderstand how different foods may be affecting me. Love my coach!
One-on-One Coaching Client

If you are considering a coach, but feel like you need more intensive and personalized attention, One-on-One coaching may be the right plan for you. Read the bios at Ketovangelist Coaching and choose your coach to get started today!

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