Get Real

Honesty is the best policy.

That’s a cliché we’ve all heard- and likely nodded our heads to- at one time or another. This four-word concept is simple in theory, but can be very complicated when applying it to real life.

Being honest with ourselves, figuring out our strengths and weaknesses and openly acknowledging them, is one thing that every single one of our coaches will say is an extremely important component of achieving Ketogenic Success; possibly even the most important component. Confronting your demons- including the food ones- and acknowledging them for what they are, is the first real step along the road to mental recovery from carb addiction.

Today is Halloween, and this particular day seems to be the official beginning of what a good friend of mine calls “Eating Season”: the period from about now through New Year’s wherein we here in the West tend to gorge ourselves on all kinds of decadent seasonal treats. It’s a social tradition, and because no one wants to be anti-social this time of year, it seems to be a constant source of stress for those who are earlier on in the Keto journey. Which means it’s probably a good time to stop and examine ourselves a bit more deeply before we’re inundated with all the junk food.

Are there foods that you feel like you can’t live without, or are sad when considering your future without them? Are there foods you obsess over, or find yourself constantly looking for that one “ketofied” recipe that will taste exactly like the old food? All of that is a sure sign of an unhealthy mental attachment to those foods.

Are you mortified at the idea of what Auntie June might say if you pass on her “famous” holiday dish? Or upset at standing out at the holiday parties because you’re not eating their carby finger foods? That’s indicative of a mindset that has mistakenly prioritized the trappings of the season (ie, the food) over the company and community which should truly be the focal point of our gatherings.

Over the next month you are going to see our entire coaching team talking about how to make it through the holidays and stay 100% keto. In the mean time, asking yourself the questions above- and openly admitting any hang ups or problems you have over the food or social interactions involving the food- is going to help you identify where your own trouble areas are so you can prepare a survival plan. Our goal here at Ketovangelist is to help you not only survive but actually thrive both mentally and physically during the holiday season, but that first step- getting real with yourself- is only something you can do.

Being honest with ourselves and facing the reality of our addiction to food is incredibly hard and emotionally painful work. But it’s necessary if you want to attain true Ketogenic freedom.

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