Feet problems when I exercise

Since the beginning of 2015 I have been making a determined effort to lose weight. I’m not too good at diets so I decided the best way would be to increase my exercise and burn off the calories, hopefully burning more than my body needed to maintain my existing weight.

I’m happy to say it’s been working, I’ve been walking 5 miles a day and also swimming whenever possible. I’m lucky that live in a hot climate so going for a nice walk early morning and evening is no real hardship. Since January 1st I’ve lost 10kg (22lbs) with any form of severe dieting, I have avoided some foods obviously, refined sugar, bread, cakes etc. and also increased my protein intake.

I’ve also cut out the beer which I know to be a big problem for most men, I don’t think I consume enough beer to make me really fat, it just weakens my resolve, after a couple large beers a big mac and large fries or a large pizza seem like a good idea.

Okay so all good on the weight loss front, now to my problem – my feet. I’ve got to be honest I’ve never had very good feet, they are certainly not going to win any feet beauty contests, I suffer from dropped arches, I’ve had corns and of course hard skin and calluses. Since I left the frozen north (Yorkshire) and moved to sunnier climes my feet have generally been a lot better, I only wear sandles, no socks and walk around in my bare feet a lot. Doing this has reduced my feet problems greatly, until I started to do more exercise.

Hard skin, dead skin, dry skin and calluses have been a real problem, the pain from them is sometimes unbearable, it can be localized pain or overall burning pain in my feet. Once it starts walking becomes difficult and painful. To really push the weightloss from walking I need to keep up a decent pace, can’t do that will all this pain in my feet. Callus are not really a medical problem they are all part of the body’s defence mechanism used to protect areas of your feet, but when they occur somewhat unnaturally due to exercise they are painful. Hard skin which is very similar can be equally as bad, especially when it starts to grow in uneven patches on the soles of your feet.

So I have tried a number of solutions to this problem, I have soaked my feet for a hour in warm water with various additives including camomile tea, Epsom Salts and bicarbonate of soda, while of these felt really good they didn’t really solve the problem. I also tried a number of good skin moisturisers including E45 cream, which again were very therapeutic especially when someone else rubbed in the cream, they worked well and have now been added to my foot care routine.

Foot Love Electric Pedicure ToolBy far the best solution is to scrub the hard skin and calluses away, this can be done with a pumice stone if you like manual labor or if like me you like great gadgets get an electric callus remover. I bought mine off Amazon and love it (got to be careful not to over use it). It’s rechargeable so no wasting money on batteries all the time, this also makes it quite portable.

Spending $40 on this little device has really improved my whole exercise routine, so more foot pain and I’m no longer embarrassed by ugly feet, so if you want to start taking care of your feet I suggest you go out and buy one today or better still click my affiliate link below.

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